MENGS® 52mm / 55mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm / 72mm / 77mm / 82mm Soft Focus Effect Diffuser Lens Filter With Aluminum Frame For Canon / Nikon / Sony / Pentax / Fuji Etc Camera And Camcorder DV




Lens Filter


SKU 14160009301
Weight (kg) 0.4600
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Package Dimensions 11 x 11 x 13.5cm

This soft focus filter reduce contrast and create a soft halo around the highlights, they are also ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours. The soft focus lens are very suitable for portrait especially for close-up shoot, which can soften wrinkle, spots, pore etc, giving a gentle, flattering effect. You can obviously find the differences from the above pictures that with or without this soft filter.

Soft focus effects are common in fashion and advertising images. In certain circumstances, a soft focus treatment of a landscape can enhance the mood of an image by creating a soft glowing atmosphere, and can be particularly effective for backlit subjects. Soft focus is not the same as out of focus, and is not about degrading the image, but rather about subtly changing the image to convey a desired interpretation to the viewer.


Type: Soft Filter
Size: 52-82mm
Mount fitting: threaded
Material: optical glass and aluminum
Suit for: DSLR Camera / Camcorder DV / Digital Camera with 52-82mm diameter lens .