MENGS® DP-90 Aluminum Flex Tilt Head Folding Quick Release Plate 1/4” & 3/8” Screw For Canon / Nikon Or Other DSLR Camera




SKU 14010012701
Weight (kg) 0.3800
Model DP-90
Material Aluminium Alloy
Color Black
Package Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3.5cm


1. The Flex TILT Head is the ultimate pan & tilt solution to frame your shots easily and freely.
2. The Joints in the Flex TILT Head use one-of-a-kind constant friction technology.
3. The technology can only be produced by super precise CNC machining.
4. Flex TILT Head’s joints never get loose even after many adjustments.
5. Gives instant height adjustment without dealing with the tripod.
6. Flex TILT head can also work on flat surfaces as a camera stand without the need for legs.
7. The unique flexible design lets you extend your camera out. This can especially be useful when working with sliders.
8. Precise panorama shots are possible with pan marking and lens center shifting.