MENGS® LP-02 Macro Focusing Shot Rail Slider Tripod Stabilizer Head For DSLR Camera




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Weight (kg) 0.3600
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Model LP-02
Package Dimensions 31 x 13 x 3cm


Designed for all digital and film SLR cameras and used for macro photography, or film negatives taken. Ideal for Canon EOS, Nikon, Minolta and

Pentax macro bellows, macro shot extension tubes, or macro lenses




Smooth rack and pinion movement provides extremely fine focusing adjustments and positive locking knobs assure rock-steady focus

Focusing rails are essential accessories for macro photography, which requires precise distance modifications and a steady hand, as well as

other situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial

1/4″ Screw, support most DSLR Camera. You can easily to install it on a tripod for accurate Macro focus operation.


Tech Specs:


Material: Aluminum + rubber surface

Length: 260mm

Width: 93mm

Height: 24mm

Move Range: 200mm

SKU: 14010005601