MENGS® PAN-01 360° Camera Panoramic Head With Quick Release Plate For Camera Tripod Ball Head





The clamp is wear resistant, high temperature resistant and waterproof.

Panning base is laser-engraved with index marks from 0-360°, with increments at 5°.

360° panning movement with calibrated precision, precisely capture overlapping panoramic images.

Uses M6 flat head screw, can be installed to the Arca ball head.

Can be directly mounted to any Arca plates, including RRS, Wimbereley, Kirk, Markins, Jobu, Fotopro etc.

3/8″ central threaded hole can be directly installed on monopod, all conventional tripod heads and other mounting units with 3/8″ stud.




1. Surface oxidation treatment, precision CNC machined.

2. Panning Base is laser-engraved with index marks from 0°- 360°.

3. Mount it directly to any Arca Swiss clamp using dovetail .

4. Remove Arca mount and use M6 bolt to replace your existing clamp .

5. Remove the Arca mount and mount directly to any 3/8” Tripod or head.

All metal construction, precisely CNC machined to exact Arca standard.

Large diameter knob, feels more comfortable, easy to grip.

360° panning movement with calibrated precision.

Precisely capture overlapping panoramic images.

Includes built-in high contrast bubble levels.

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