APUTURE® Amaran Halo AHL-HC100 LED Macro Ring Flash Light For Canon DSLR Camera




AHL-HC100 inherits the advantages of previous ring flash while adding exciting new features. Uses high Ra up to 95 advanced LEDs to creates excellent performance. And increased LEDs have brought double brightness more than previous light. And you can enjoy flexible combinations and various flash ways to match your art work.




Uses 100 high color rendering index LEDs(CRI>=95Ra)

Double brightness more than previous version
No flicker in Light mode, perfect for shooting video
Double brightness in Flash mode more than in Light mode
Flexible connections between ring flash and controller
Stepless brightness control
Left and right flash modes for more effects
Universal metal hot shoe
Includes various transfer rings

Tech Specs:


LED Number: 100

LED Angle: 45°
CRI: >=95Ra
Illumination: 50cm 1020lux 100cm 305lux
Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
Sync Speed: > 1/200S
Average Life Span: > 100,000 hours
Power: <= 6W
Supply Power Voltage: DC 3.6V-6.7V
Battery: 4 AA batteries (NOT included)