MENGS® LP-64 Precision Leveling Base Tripod Head Plate With 3/8″ Mounting Screw 3 Adjustment Dials For Camera Tripod




Camera Ball Head


SKU 14110003401
Weight (kg) 0.2350
Model LP-64
Color Black
Package Dimensions 17 x 12 x 6.5cm

The RZ-Leveler leveling base is fitted between tripod and head and is used in combination with tripods that don’t have built-in levelling mechanisms. The three adjustment dials enable the operator to make fine, finger tip adjustments up to +/- 10 degrees to ensure the camera is perfectly level. The dials also have locking rings to ensure stability once the right position is reached. The base has a 3/8” female tripod fitting and a 3/8” male head fitting.


1. Fits between the tripod and the tripod head.
2. Smaller,lighter and made with great precision.
3. Features smooth Knob action for easy and secure positioning.
4. Can be mounted on the tripod easily.
5. Built-in high contrast levels, ensure the photography precisely.