MENGS® PAN-0 360 Degree Rotating Camera Tripod Panning Clip Clamp 3/8″ Mounting Screw For Camera Tripod Ball Head




The Panning base is laser-engraved with index marks from 0-360°, with increments at 15°.
360° panning movement with calibrated precision, precisely capture overlapping panoramic images.
Can be directly mounted to any Arca plates, including RRS, Wimbereley, Kirk, Markins, etc.
3/8″ central threaded hole can be directly installed on monopod, all conventional tripod heads and other mounting units with 3/8″ stud.




1. Surface oxidation treatment, precision CNC machined.
2. Panning Base is laser-engraved with index marks from 0°- 360°.
3. Mount it directly to any Arca Swiss clamp using dovetail .
4. Remove the Arca mount and mount directly to any 3/8” Tripod or head.